5 Evergreen Rules to Live your Life by

1. Never share your plan in advance with anyone and everyone you see
Once you disclose, what you wish to achieve well before evening embarking on that journey, often makes it a journey you never take. This happens probably because of two reasons.
  • As soon as you put that idea into an another head, and that dick head shares it with another one, a cycle of rumours on which you have no control upon begins. Your mind starts conceiving a thought that you have already half traveled the journey without making any real life progresses towards it.
  • Real obstacles appear when you begin walking on the real path, and it’s then when you feel the heat of that exponential peer pressure you had mistakenly built. Now that friend or cousin appear no more than a taunting audience when you seem to fail to live by the promise you had made to yourself.
2. You are the average of five people you spend your most time with
The above rule will seem quite logical if you examine yourself as an outcome of your past. You become what your constituents are. Your habits, profession, and attitude are all affected by the people you spend your most time with. As they say, if you want to get rich, spend your time with the rich.
3. Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people
Discussing other people’s life is not a healthy habit at all. Gossip is the layman’s word for it. This habit not only wastes your time but also harms your personality and name. At whatever level you are today, try raising your level of discussion to ideas rather than engaging in the other two.
4. Search and surround yourself with the appropriate mentors
It is often said that listen to everybody’s view but in the end, do what your heart wants. I believe that is almost a right statement but you know what happens when you start listening to anybody’s and everybody’s advice, after some time you explode. It’s better to listen to the one you believe and can really help you from his/her experience. Find your mentors and keep following up with them to take a smart decision in your life.
5. Do not believe everything that you see and listen
There is a lot of garbage here and there nowadays, the internet is full of that. The important thing to note here is that you should not accept everything which is presented in front of you. You should reason it first and if felt appropriate, you should go ahead with it. This habit can save you from getting into a fraud advice which can make you take a wrong turn in your life. 

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